Preserving Your Homes Electrical Services

Solving Your Home's Electrical Issues

Whether you are building your next dream home, remodeling your current dream home, or just making some repairs to your current castle, give us a call at 573-673-2522 and allow us to assist you in making an informed decision for your home. Do you know your load calculation? Do you know the current status of your electrical system? Will it handle the changes you have in mind?.

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Giving Your Business Modern Solutions

Insuring Your Business's Power Integrity

Why is it when your business is faced with a crisis other business’s seem to want to retire off of your tragedy. Power goes out on 2 circuits, 10 PM and you own a Convenience Store. You call a local electrician and he charges you time and half for after hours work. Call us at 573-673-2522and you will never be billed extra charges for having us make your repairs after 5 PM or on weekends.

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A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

A Qualified Government Electrical Contractor

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business we pride ourselves on providing Superior Service to all our Government Agencies. We are professional, cost effective, and thorough in our services for the Government Sector. From Department of Agriculture to Veterans Affairs we got you covered. Call us today at 573-673-2522!

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Insuring Your System is Operating Safely & Effeciently

Verifying the Integrity of Your Power System

Regardless if you are a residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional environment you deserve to know the condition of your electrical system. We utilize Infrared Imagery combined with Resistance Integrity and Insulation Density examination coupled with a very thorough and complete visual inspection Call us today at 573-673-2522!

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