🔌 Introducing Our Exclusive Electrical Maintenance Subscription Plan! 🔌

Are you tired of unexpected electrical issues disrupting your daily life? Do you want to ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical systems without the hassle of scheduling individual maintenance appointments? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you!

Why Choose Our Electrical Maintenance Subscription Plan?

🔋 Peace of Mind: With our subscription plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are being regularly inspected and maintained by our team of experienced and certified electricians.

Preventive Care: Don’t wait for a major electrical problem to occur. Our proactive approach identifies potential issues before they escalate, saving you from costly repairs and inconveniences.

🔌 Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling maintenance appointments every time a problem arises. With our subscription plan, we take care of scheduling and reminders, so you can focus on what matters most.

🛠️ Priority Service: Subscribers receive priority service for any emergency electrical repairs. Your safety is our top priority, and we’re here to ensure your electrical systems are always functioning smoothly.

🔧 Expert Technicians: Our team of skilled electricians brings a wealth of experience to every maintenance visit. Rest assured that your electrical systems are in capable hands.

📅 Regular Check-ups: Our subscription plan includes regular check-ups to inspect wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, and more. This proactive approach prevents potential hazards and ensures your electrical systems meet safety standards.

Subscription Tiers:

  1. Basic Plan:
    • Quarterly maintenance visits
    • Priority service for emergencies
    • Annual electrical safety audit
    • 10% discount on repairs
  2. Premium Plan:
    • Monthly maintenance visits
    • 24/7 priority emergency service
    • Bi-annual electrical safety audit
    • 15% discount on repairs
    • Free installation of one surge protector
  3. Platinum Plan:
    • Bi-weekly maintenance visits
    • 24/7 expedited emergency service
    • Quarterly electrical safety audit
    • 20% discount on repairs
    • Free installation of whole-home surge protector

Invest in the Longevity of Your Electrical Systems!

Our Electrical Maintenance Subscription Plan is designed to keep your home or business safe, efficient, and worry-free. Whether you’re a homeowner, a property manager, or a business owner, our customizable plans cater to your specific needs.

Join our community of satisfied customers who enjoy uninterrupted electrical service. Say goodbye to surprises and hello to reliable, well-maintained electrical systems. Subscribe today and experience the difference!

Contact us at 573-673-2522 or tim@terrellelectric.com to learn more about our subscription plans and how we can safeguard your electrical systems for the long haul.

Your safety is our priority. Let us take care of your electrical systems while you focus on what you do best!